One of the greatest things about investing in gold (in general) is the opportunity to invest in a range of gold-buying alternatives. On the alternatives, there are gold mutual funds, futures contracts, gold ETF, and physical trading.

    Specifically, physical trading trumps all other alternatives. More so, it is the best alternative to gaining exposure to gold.

    To show you gold is such an excellent investment opportunity; even physical trading is into various sections. You could decide to deal with rounds, bars, or coins.

    Let’s discuss gold coins. Are gold coins a good investment? Are they better than other forms of physical gold trading?

    Governmental agencies issue gold coins. In that way, it is generally and widely accepted. Furthermore, it has the edge over all other forms of physical trading (rounds and bars) because it is much more like a rare work of art.

    Not yet convinced?

    Gold coins offer you more in terms of resale value compared to rounds and bars. That is not all; the value of gold coins also grows with time like an old wine. Also, accurately-graded and high-quality rare coins have enormous demands.

    There are a few issues, and the primary one is storage. You might be thinking, how is that an issue?

    Gold coins are quite small, and it is possible you left it somewhere (on a shelf or in a drawer) and lose track of them. In that case, it is much more at the risk of theft.

    However, there is a way out of the storage headache. After purchasing your good coins, always ensure to insure them. In addition to that, do not store them at home, rather store them in a safe deposit box – you are welcome.

    Things to know when buying gold coins

    The best way to answer the question “are gold coins a good investment” lies in the practice of it. In simple terms, there is a need to have crucial knowledge of gold coins.

    The first thing you need to know is that we have different gold coins. Before you buy any gold coin, consider the following:

    • Purity
    • Ease of selling
    • Options to buy from
    • Manufacturing charges
    • Packaging
    • Hallmarking

    Of some of the best gold coins, American eagle 1-ounce gold coins ticked all those boxes. It boasts only metals drawn from the US mines and with a US mint’s guarantee of content and purity.

    American eagle 1-ounce gold coins offer investors two great choices: proofs and uncirculated coins. Both numismatics and bullion investors prefer this coin. Numismatics’ hold it for the beauty and date sets, while Bullion’ holds it as safety against economic crisis or currency challenges.

    Furthermore, American eagle 1-ounce gold coins are easy to trade because of their popularity. They are also an approved investment aid for Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA).

    So, are gold coins a good investment? Yes, they are. In as much as you consider them as investments, it is also best that you consult professionals to make even more profits.

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