Having the best investment plan is a healthy financial decision that pays off in the future. As long as you have enough money to spare, you should make as many investments a possible. The younger you begin to make investments, the better because you have a longer time to recover any losses you might make from the market.

    Having an investment plan is essential because it helps you to maximize the returns on any investment you make as there are several investment plans to subscribe to. If you can make investment plans early, they can prove to be handy tools when you have a financial crisis.

    1. Exchange-Traded Funds 

    It is no surprise that you need a certain amount of capital to make investments. Most investments demand a high level of capital to start, and if you don’t have a lot of money for investments, Exchange Traded Funds are for you.

    ETF’s not only let you invest even with little capital you have, but they are also very liquid and can be traded within the day, unlike mutual funds. This allows you to back out of a failing investment as quickly as possible.

    ETFs also come with low to no commission fees, which can be a significant advantage to young investors.

    1. Gold 

    Investment in gold is another investment plan that is bound to payout. Looking at the statistics that cover the demand and supply of gold and it’s value determination, it’s easy to peg gold as a risky investment. However, gold is one of the best ways to hedge yourself against inflation because when all other investments are at a loss, the value of gold rises.

    The minimal quantity of gold makes it a worthy investment for you to have. There are several ways to invest in gold, and they include Gold Exchange Traded Funds, Gold Bars or Bullions, and Gold Mutual Funds. Whichever way you decide to invest, you’re sure to reap the benefits of investing in gold.

    1. Mutual Funds 

    Mutual funds also stand out as one of the top investment plans out there. One of the things that make this investment plan stand out is that it is favourable to everyone. Whether you’ve got so much money to invest or not much at all, you can be a part of mutual fund investments.

    Since mutual funds work by pooling money from several investors, you have a chance to be a part of a big Investment even if you don’t contribute a large amount of money.

    Mutual funds also offer a higher return on investment because of the diverse nature of the investments. By investing via mutual funds, you widen the range of your investments. Your money, together with the funds of the other investors, can be used to invest in different companies.

    Having an investment plan is important because it helps you to make profitable investments with the funds that you have. Gold, mutual funds and ETF’s are three of the top investment plans to make. With these investment plans, you don’t need to have so much money to invest; there are provisions for low-income investments.

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