2018 was the year from hell for all gold mining companies. Stocks failed, and several gold companies suffered huge losses. August 2018 was the worst month for Gold companies as the prices for gold hit an all-time low. However, things began to look up for them in the last quarter of the year. Several gold companies bounced back and used that period to recoup their losses.

    The companies to make this list proved to be dogged in the trying moments for gold last year. Their consistency and excellent performance placed them on this list.

    Keep reading to see the top 4 gold stocks you should buy in 2019.

    1. Barrick Gold 

    With a market cap of 23.29Billion US dollars and a 52-week performance percentage of -2.03 %, Barrick Gold tops this list. Barrick Gold is the biggest gold company in the world. In 2018, the not so golden year for all gold companies, Barrick Gold made a powerful merge with big South African Gold Company, Randgold Resource.

    Now is the perfect time to buy stock in this company as they hold more than half of the Top 10 Tier One gold assets in the world. Another good thing going on for them is their meager cash cost. In fact, their cash cost is the lowest of all primary gold mining operations in the world.

    Barrick Gold trades under the GOLD sticker on the NYSE and under the ABX sticker on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

    1. NewMont Mining 

    NewMont Mining is the oldest mining company, which began operations as far back as 100 years ago. Although based in Colorado, NewMont Mining has operations in over five countries. NewMont is also the only gold mining company to be on the S&P list.

    With a market cap of 19.5 billion US dollars and a 52-week performance percentage of 7.12%, NewMont is one of the top companies to buy stock from this 2019. NewMont is about to increase it’s worth by merging with the gold company, Gold Corp Inc. The emerging company would be one of the largest gold companies in the world.

    NewMont has risen above the damage that occurred in 2018. Also, they have emerged this New Year stronger than ever, and with this new merger in the future, NewMont is definitely a company to look out for.

    1. Royal Gold Inc 

    Royal Gold’s percentage performance for the year 2018 is an impressive 7.39% with a market cap at 6.13 billion US dollars.

    Royal Gold rallied admirably through 2018 to keep up a steady performance rate. Towards the end of last year, they increased their yearly dividend as they have done every year consecutively for the last 18 years. These figures foretell a better year for Royal Gold and their market stock.

    1. Agnico Eagle Mines Ltd.

    Agnico Eagle Mines is another company whose performance is looking great this 2019. With a market Cap of 10.23 billion US dollars and a 52-week performance percentage of 1.02%, Agnico Eagle Mines is on the list of the top 4 gold companies in 2019.

    Agnico Eagle Mines suffered losses in 2018, but with forecasts looking up for them this year, they should bounce back fully. Their stocks are set to experience a boost if the AEM nets in the expected figures, which are as high as 1.60 million dollars.

    These top four mines have held down the hatch when the going was tough and still maintained great results. Thus year can only offer them better results and growth.

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